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What to look for when choosing a gas supplier

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Are you one of many Australians who use LPG gas in your home? Then you’ll know it offers unbeatable benefits in terms of cost, convenience, and flexibility. LPG gas burns cleaner and produces less emissions, and when spilt, evaporates instead of contaminating its surroundings. You can use it inside or outside for instant, temperature-controlled heat with no soot build-up. LPG gas can also be used for cooking or powering your central heating system, and seeing as its silent, scentless and portable, LPG gas offers an easy to store and maintainable energy solution.

To truly take advantage of these benefits, you need to have a reliable gas supplier to meet your needs. If you’re new to using gas or perhaps unhappy with your current supplier and need a new one, here’s what you should be looking for:

NO CONTRACTS – There is nothing worse than being locked into a long-term contract with an LPG gas supplier. Your gas needs can change, so you deserve the freedom of being able to purchase it when you need it.

LOCALLY BASED – Many gas suppliers promise delivery services – but are they close to you? Dealing with a supplier in another neighbourhood can lead to delays that can be an inconvenience.

WEEK DAY DELIVERY – Boiling water for tea? Taking a hot shower? Enjoying a barbeque with friends or enjoying the warmth of an outdoor heater? All these activities can happen all week at any time. You need a gas supplier that can deliver from Monday to Friday so you can get on with your life.

NO HIDDEN FEES – There’s nothing worse than seeing a fantastic price on LPG gas only to discover at a later stage in the fine print that it doesn’t cover bottle rental or annual facility fees. A gas supplier that shows you all its fees upfront allows you to budget for your consumption so you can avoid unexpected costs.

If you’re a resident living in the Tweed Coast and Gold Coast area, then you should consider Choice Gas as your next supplier. We’re a local, family run business that can meet with all your gas needs. Not only do we offer five days a week delivery, but we also don’t charge any bottle rental fees or annual facility fees.

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